Chinese Canadian Genealogy Website


The Hermit Poet, my only son, is Chinese Canadian, so I  was delighted  when Janet Tomkins sent along this notice about a website for Chinese Canadian Genealogy. Here’s what she wrote.

Vancouver Public Library, is pleased to announce the
launch of the second phase of our popular Chinese-Canadian Genealogy
website ( VPL’s Chinese-Canadian Genealogy website
provides a wide range of resources and information to assist those with an
interest in Chinese-Canadian history and culture or in researching their
Chinese-Canadian roots. Since its initial launch in November 2005, the site
has received wide recognition.

Sponsored in part by Library and Archives Canada, innovations and
improvements to the site include new pages on topics like citizenship and
naturalization, church records, land records, wills and estates, and much
more. The Back to China section has been expanded and now includes more
information about genealogical research and resources in China. (See

On the recommendation of members of the local Chinese-Canadian community,
the Library also added a new section on Chinese-American genealogy
reflecting the large volume of historical Chinese transmigration between
the U.S. and Canada.  (See

The expanded site also provides detailed information about head tax records
maintained by the federal government, and information about other records
that may provide clues in the search for Chinese head tax records.

For more information about the “Chinese-Canadian Genealogy” website, please
contact Janet Tomkins, Genealogy librarian, Vancouver Public Library


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