Interesting Long Case Study


The June National Genealogical Society Quarterly has a great case study by Dr. Helen Hinchcliffe, from Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, “Job Davidson, Cooper in Baltimore, Maryland, and His Long Lost Descendants in Ohio and Indiana: Using Occupation and Birthplace as Census Finding Aids” I can see using this in a workshop onusing census regardless of nation, where digitized indexed censuses are available. As usual, Helen tackles brick walls with creative thinking. Wonderful reading. Read it!


One response to “Interesting Long Case Study

  1. Ken,

    I have read it, and it is good, as most of the NGSQ case studies are. There are several others in that issue also that are excellent examples of great research techniques.

    I just finished reading Emily Anne Croom’s book “The Sleuth Book for Genealogists” published by Betterway in 2003. The methods there are excellent, as are the case studies.

    She has one case study of one of her lines that takes 40 pages of narrative, with some tables included. An absolutely great study, using cluster genealogy techniques, of tracing a family that jumps all over the South – GA to TX to LA to TN over the period of 1820 to 1880 or so.

    I enjoy reading other peoples success stories – but am unable to solve many of my own thorny problems.

    We talked a bit about Cluster Genealogy in our Research Group today, and I admit that I have not followed all those precepts yet. Croom’s book has a chapter devoted to Cluster genealogy techniques, with examples.

    If you read my blog recently (I did mention your name recently – BG), you’ll see that I’ve had a breakthrough on my Smith line based on an email tip from several years ago.

    Cheers — Randy

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