More Things I did not Know


The nice thing about ignorance is that there is so very much to learn! For example, I must be the last genealogy lecturer to learn that during a powerpoint presentation if you type “B” on your keyboard, the screen will go black. Have yet to learn how to get it to light up again!


5 responses to “More Things I did not Know

  1. There’s a nice table of presentation shortcuts for Microsoft PowerPower at (and it answers the question of how to get it to light up again).

  2. Hmm…apparently URLs enclosed within angle brackets (which is how they are supposed to be written) are not displayed. So let’s see if this will get the URL:

  3. So i checked out the site and the answer is there!

  4. DI,

    Thanks for the link to the lesson…more things I don’t know, just like Ken.

    So the answer is the “S” key to get back to the presentation from the black screen (or the white screen). I wonder if these work in OpenOffice also? I’ll try it sometime.

    Thanks — Randy

  5. Try hitting F1 from inside your powerpoint. That lists all the keys and short cuts.
    I didn’t know about the screen black and white either, so I guess no disgrace to anyone involved.
    Also – if you make the screen white and use the pointer option (ctrl P) you can “write live” on screen, just like the overhead projector days! It’s better with a grapics tablet and pen attached but it’s certainly possible to produce an impromptu diagram/sketch/flowchart, or if you break out of a presentation to ask questions etc you could record student answers etc on screen for all to see.

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