The Hermit Poet and Media Kits


My son, The Hermit Poet, is developing his media kit, an activity all professional genealogists, especially genealogy educators, need to be involved in. As I read over his comments I think  he’s got a few leads we can use in developing our own kits. Here’s what he says:

“As part of my transition into the post-MFA life, I’ve been working on building a press kit — a set of materials which will hopefully inspire someone to invite me to speak / read / interview / give a lecture somewhere. Now, putting a press kit together when you don’t have a book is a different sort of task. While there are some things that carry over, the obvious difference is that you’re not trying to sell the book — you’re trying to sell yourself.

Some good (or at least promising) links I’ve uncovered so far:

Some examples of good-looking online press kits (not necessarily an endorsement of their work):

  • Tony Norris (singer, storyteller) (I suspect there’s no better press kit than a great beard. This guy has a great beard – I’d choose him for any barmitzva, shin-dig, gallery opening, or barn-raising.)


One response to “The Hermit Poet and Media Kits

  1. I reviewed some of the writing sites and all of the examples. I agree with you – the guy has a great beard and Ms. Talan takes great pictures and an excellent web presence.

    What should I, as a not well-known fairly provincial genealogy speaker, put in my press kit?

    * An introduction – this is ME
    * A personal biography, with head shots for publicity
    * Summary of available genealogy talks – the 40 words that describe a talk, suitable for a newsletter article or symposium brochure.
    * List of Talks previously given and sponsoring society
    * Interviews (assuming I ever have one)
    * Reviews from society newsletters – only the glowing ones?
    * Written work or links to them – blog posts, newsletter articles, prose, memoirs, family history books.

    Gee, it will be pretty sparse at first, but maybe it will work. I wonder if Ms. Talan can loan me her graphic artist?

    Cheers — Randy

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