Crash & Burn, Wobbly Table, and other Problems


Sorry for not being very prolific lately but my computer has aged and periodically dies unpredictably. My computer table limps on one short leg and three of the other kind, and i am having health problems. My get up and go, got up and went. But help is on the way.

  • The new computer awaits assembly and it can walk and chew gum!
  • A new computer desk awaits assembly- its steady and the correct keyboard height
  • That leaves my get up and go. Maybe this will return. Unfortunately there are complications so I’ve been cancelling fall lectures in Calgary and Kelowna and elsewhere. Work keeps coming in. So i am thinking of taking on an apprentice or intern. Interesting idea. Any ideas on how to make apprentice idea work?

3 responses to “Crash & Burn, Wobbly Table, and other Problems

  1. Hi Ken —

    Have you ever thought of hiring a virtual assistant? I’m not sure what your caseload is like or the work it entails, but this can be a great way to get things done.

  2. Christine et al
    What an interesting idea. i read about those virtual assistants on this site not long ago! You have an interesting sense of humor!

    No, I am serious about the apprentice or intern. My present health problems result in me tiring easily. However, with an apprentice or intern I could train and supervise while they work, and I could assess their findings. They would be cheaper than a virtual assistant.

  3. Brenda Dougall Merriman

    An assistant/apprentice/intern almost demands hands-on training (from you). It’s different from sub-contracting work to a seasoned professional who can work in his/her own specialty area, or hiring a peer … I have to say it’s a daunting prospect unless someone local is available to you who has a smattering of experience in genealogical standards. I say that because I know a few of us who have tried it, and it seems to require sitting, standing or walking with you as you work your way through a client project. One’s offspring may be an answer, but regardless, it’s continual one-on-one teaching work apart from the reading they must do, or courses to take, etc. You get my drift. Sorry to sound negative, but it’s a big investment of your time. If you can farm out small pieces of a project you might find that works for managing it overall.
    Regards, Brenda

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