Podcast from a Major Archives: An Interesting Educational Idea


A recent media release from The National Archives (UK) makes me wonder if other archives or libraries are exploring the idea of educating their clients using podcasts. It seems efficient: A lecture by a subject specialist is recorded and made accessible through the website WHEN THE CLIENT NEEDS IT. I expect that major genealogy collections will include podcast lectures teaching clients what is in the collection and how to access and use it. Interested in this example? Read on.

Here’s The National Archives (UK) announcement.

Sahib, the British Soldier in India 1750-1914

“Our podcast lecture, given by the well known military historian Professor Richard Holmes, examines Indian soldiering in peace and war. He addresses the experience of ordinary soldiers, why they joined up, how they got to India and what they made of it when they arrived.”

Download podcast (32,791kb)

“Right click on the “Download podcast” link above and select “save target as” to save the file to your computer.”

“Alternatively, click on the link to open the file using your default media player – for example, Windows Media Player or QuickTime.”


Simple. We need one on my new website. What do you think. Are you ready to record your lectures and podcast on your website?


6 responses to “Podcast from a Major Archives: An Interesting Educational Idea

  1. Ken,

    I didn’t download it…is it only an audio podcast, or is it a videocast of the lecture, or a combination of audiocast coordinated with Powerpoint slides?

    I believe the latter combination has a market – genealogy lectures, audio and slides – that genealogy researchers would buy if the price is right.

    Cheers — Randy

  2. As technology continues to grow folks will have increasingly greater access to the hardware (video ipods) and bandwidth for large video files. I suspect that for now the audio podcast provides a quick way of staying current with what is happening in a specialized knowledge set. A lot of learning events (academic and corporate) now use a blended solution of prework or post work that involves the use of podcasts. It’s definately a trend in learning. There are blogs available that focus specifically on the area of geneology. One example is found at http://genealogyguys.com/

  3. Chris wrote.”There are blogsavailable that focus specifically on the area of genealgy.”
    How odd that you should leave a comment like that on another blog that focusses specifically on teaching genealogy. none the less, thanks for the comment. Come again often, Chris

  4. Podcast Teaches Irish Genealogy
    The Worlds First Podcast on Irish Genealogy and Family Heritage has been launched. It is hosted by Michael C. O’Laughlin, the most published author in the field. A weekly podcast, the first 8 episodes are available free online at iTunes under the byline of the ‘Irish Family Cafe’. This one of a kind series is also available directly at http://www.irishroots.com/podcast/rss.xml. The series is sponsored by the Irish Genealogical Foundation . Thanks !

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