Test Questions for a Genealogy Course: Assigning Values


Still unpacking. Today I found my computer glasses and a stack of cards with test questions for an English genealogy class. Here are ten questions for you to look at.

  1. Why is an estate inventory useful in genealogical research?
  2. If banns exist, where do you usually find them?
  3. What are Bishop’s Transcripts?
  4. What are removal orders andĀ  how can they helpĀ  trace an ancestor?
  5. Explain the five phases of the genealogical research process.
  6. List four reasons you might not find the person you are looking for in the indexes to Civil Registration>
  7. Why don’t non-conformist records usually exist before 1700?
  8. What is the difference between a will and a testament?
  9. Which two locations will hold copies of English Civil Registrations?
  10. List three reasons why one might not find a gravestone?

Your challenge is to assign VALUES to each question so the TOTAL equals 100 points. Explain your reasoning for each value.


One response to “Test Questions for a Genealogy Course: Assigning Values

  1. um… buoni, realmente buoni luogo e molto utile;)

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