Can your program evaluation form be a marketing tool?


I came across this idea on SpeakerNet News the other day. The suggestion was to put a question like, “I’d like to learn more about ______.” That seems like a pretty simple idea.

When you have an “I’d like to learn more about…” question on your evaluation, recap the responses and send the summary to the meeting planner so s/he knows what the audience wants next time. Then include the topics that you
Ispeak on and includethese in your one-sheet.

Also, add lines to your evaluation that say:

“I would like to receive your free online monthly newsletter,” and
“I would likeinformation regarding your speaking to my genealogy society,”

What impact would that be in targetting who you contacted and what you offered.

And I need to get started on my monthly e-newsletter! How about you?


2 responses to “Can your program evaluation form be a marketing tool?

  1. Ruth Burkholder

    Sounds like a good idea …if you always use an evaluation form. Forms work for workshops, and this would be a good addition to that form.

    Many times for a single presentation a form is overkill. The speaker is there as a guest, and as such is not in a position to ask “How well did I do?”

  2. Many wonder as Ruth does about using an evaluation form with a one hour lecture> perhaps we need a very short form, three questions or five. Link them to a draw for a small prize during the stretch: a candy bar, a group of back issues from a journal, 30 minute consultation, or whatever. Hosts will make time for that.

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