Blogging:Talking to Oneself Aloud?

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Useless Information Department. The most widely read posting in the last 30 days was this gem.  But you will see only one comment. Almost 300 visitors and just one comment. I am talking to myself most days. I really am open to comments and critcisms and discussion.


3 responses to “Blogging:Talking to Oneself Aloud?

  1. I’ve only subscribed to your blog for about a week. I did find the post about “Involving Your Lecture Audience” interesting with some useful tips, assuming that anyone invites me to lecture again (or I find a place to invite myself). That posting was especially useful for me since I tend to talk too much. It will be interesting how many comments you receive on *this* posting.

  2. Is the phrase “this gem” supposed to be linked to the most widely read posting?

    I’ve read each of your posts in the several months since I discovered this blog. I think that says something. I realize the lack of comments may be frustrating but some of us don’t see a need to comment.

    As someone who rarely reads blogs because the signal-to-noise ratio is generally so low, I find having a few focused, meaningful comments much more valuable than having to wade through a bunch of trash which results in my giving up and stop reading the blog.

    Additionally, I currently neither teach, lecture, or organize genealogy events. I’m here to get ideas with the intent of developing some lectures based on my experiences. While I haven’t made it through all of the archives, I don’t think I’ve seen anything about how to get started lecturing–the first baby steps. I’ve given presentations and keynotes, just not in the genealogy field.

  3. Dear Only and DI- and all.
    First of all, thanks for the comments.DI, I corrected the link for “gem” Thanks for the tip. This blog is just right for folks wanting to get into genealogy education. Its a good place to ask questions too.

    I am delighted both of you will continue as regulars.I’ll try to be meaningful. Your views are welcome as always. come again often.

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