Involving Your Audience; Keeping Control


If you are still gaing confidence in teaching and lecturing,  asking for unscripted student participation seems like an easy way to spin out  of control.  There is an alternative way that can help some people feel more involved.

I learned this is an adult sunday school class. It is simple, and it works. Take five or sixrelevant  single-paragraph quotes from books or articles on your subject. Prepare a slip with the quotation, author and source in an easy to read 14 poit font. Before you start, invite five people to hhelp you by reading the quote when you ask for it. My sunnday school teacher always asked readers to stand up, and read loudly. I almost always repeated the quote for emphasis. When you identify an attention hog, use him/her– it controls their part. Be sure to thank each reader publicly and privately.

What do you think? Have you tried this? Any other ideas?


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