If You Blog It, Will They Come?


Here I was moaning about blog comments when Jane Atkinson who runs Speaker Launcher  sent along  a list of tips on effective blogging for speakers and lecturers. Check it out. Click here.

Jane has lots of nifty ideas, and offers a great service. Read her list of tips, then you tell me what I can do better.


One response to “If You Blog It, Will They Come?

  1. I think that of Jane’s points, only you can know if you’re doing most of those things.

    These are some things you might want to consider, though, when you think that no one is reading your blog. 1) You already know that you’re getting more visits than comments. My bloglines feed says that you have 20 public subscribers. For a blog which only has archives back to December, that doesn’t seem bad to me.

    2) I subscribe to well over 300 feeds. Today I posted 6 comments. Not all blogs allow comments and not every blog was updated today, but even then, I only comment on a small percentage of what I read. Think about your own percentage of comments vs. subscriptions, and you might find a similar small percentage. I have lots of subscriptions to blogs which I have *never* commented on.

    3) You’re still getting new subscribers. I found your blog on the blogroll of some other blog. It’s a good sign when you’re still gaining new readers (and not losing too many of the old ones).

    4) You have a well-defined blog, which is great in terms of marketing, but it means that those uncounted thousands? of blog readers who don’t love genealogy the way we do are not going to read your blog even if someone tells them that it has indispensable information that they can’t live without.

    5) So far, so good. You can follow all the recommended tips for getting your blog read–claim it on technorati, for example, post a lot on other blogs–those sorts of things. But I don’t quite see that you’re doing anything wrong so far.

    I made a purposeful decision not to overly promote any of my 5 blogs. Currently, the one I’m having the most fun writing on is the one that is a hodgepodge of posts on any topic that interests me. If someone wanders by and leaves a comment on any of my blogs, I am amazed. Even if I don’t comment again for awhile until I have something to contribute to the conversation, that doesn’t mean that I’m not reading your blog. It’s a good blog. Since you asked, at the moment, I can’t see anything that you can do better.

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