An Apprenticeship or an Internship?


I was asked what the difference is between an apprenticeship and an internship. Its a great question. Here’s how i see it. An apprentice enters the relationship with little or no

education in genealogy. My apprentice has taken a methodology course and a course in English probate records, and has a couple of years research experience with her own family. So she continues to study under my direction as well as do some gopher work on line and at the family history center. Research is performed under my direct supervision.

An intern, on the other hand usually has already acquired the book learning, and a bit of practice, and should be ready to work. It would be nice to have an intern, but I have an eager apprentice.

And I like the mentoring.

What are your thoughts?


4 responses to “An Apprenticeship or an Internship?

  1. Are the terms of the apprenticeship recorded in a formal indenture? If so, where fo you record such instruments these days for the sake of future genealogists?

  2. The terms of the apprenticeship are not recorded in a formal indenture. As I do not belong to a guild, have not consulted the guild master either. We agreed I would treat her even better than Old Fizziwig treated Scrooge. She will not need to sleep under her workstation and gets 2.5 months of unpaid vacation every summer, plus lots of days off. Her husband is one of my oldest friends.

  3. I think an apprenticeship is a great idea. I would like to find a mentor in my area (northeast Florida). I belong to a local genealogical society, and am picking up some speaking experience there. It’s a good training ground.

  4. Karen just look around your community for a crippled up professional genealogist and pitch the idea to her. You might need to help can her peaches, or other acts of service as well, so be careful.

    If you cannot find such a character, you may need to do like my fried Stephen Chin. Steve hired a pro to teach him. They met once a week for two hours and reviewed his past weeks work and discussed the upcoming weeks tasks. He was already working full time and paid every cent he earned for his tutors time.


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