Do You Need a Virtual Advisory Board?

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Often in the business of genealogy education we need to consult with people to improve our performance, our offerings and our services. some people recommend forming a collegial mastermind group of peers doing similar work to exchange ideas and motivate. While collegial mastermind groups can have a tremendous impact on our genealogy education business, we might also consider forming a Virtual Advisory Board (VAB) with clients from our target market. Here’s how it might work:

Let’s say you are a speaker wanting to determine if some new topics had any appeal. You could prepare a list of genealogy society program planners in your region – and any from former client societies- and contact them. Explain your objective to develop new lectures. Get their consent to be your VAB. Next, send them a list that includes about five but no more than seven – topic ideas with titles and descriptions and ask them to rank them and comment on each of them regarding suitability for their group. Thank them individually for their input, and collectively share your conclusions. Follow up issues may form part of the next found: lecture or workshop; handout content etc. Enjoy your Vab.

Do not be surprised when they invite you to come and speak.


2 responses to “Do You Need a Virtual Advisory Board?

  1. Excellent idea, I think, Kenneth.

    In my experience, speaker co-ordinators are usually among the busiest people, but they are still always looking for new topics that their group will be interested in. Asking for their advice makes good sense.

    I’d want to make sure to send only a ‘short & sweet’ list since I know time might be a problem for them,(& I’d do it by e-mail since that would save them time) but I think it would be useful to leave some room in a comment section for suggestions for yet other topics they might be looking for.

  2. What about the possibility of pulling out of Iraq, letting Iran invade and lose resources fighting their own kind,
    and then come in and mop up the dregs?

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