Teaching Genealogical Society Management Skills

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A month or so ago I was talking with a member of a local genealogical society in the west about a society management issue. She mentioned that at their annual leadership retreat ( an all day Saturday event) they analyzed the past and planned the future of the society. She mentioned having a speaker come in and talk about an issue like membership, programming, newletters, public relations, fund raising etc. I was impressed. During the day the worked as a group and as pairs or trios on various plans. Then at the annual meeting the published their plans etc. a great idea.

Now my friend Jana Broglin, VP of the Federation of Genealogical Societies is looking for speakers to help such groups. If you can speak to a society on some aspect of society management, Jana wants to here from you.

Here’s what she wrote,

“If any of you have topics concerning society management, I would like to
hear from you with your name, contact information (snail mail and
e-mail), telephone, and lecture title. (I do not need a synopsis of the

“The Federation of Genealogical Societies is compiling a listing of
speakers, contact information, and titles, to be available at the FGS
booth at the national conferences.
“Please send all information to me at jsbroglin@earthlink.net
Thank you!
Jana Sloan Broglin, CG
Vice President, Membership Services
Federation of Genealogical Societies

If you are an experienced speaker, with society leadership experience, and an educated opinion and practical ideas, this is your clarion call. Tell Jana Ken sent you.

If you need some ideas on issues and challenges you might address, look the series on society membersip on CreativeGene and say hi to JASIA.


One response to “Teaching Genealogical Society Management Skills

  1. At FGS 20005 in SLC the following lectures on society management issues were given.
    “Societies going virtual”
    “Program, program. Get your program here”
    “Bylaws, articles of Incorporation and Policy and Procedures”
    “Sharing the load:delegating responsibilies and recruiting volunteers”
    “Five keys to no or low cost marketing for societies”
    “preparing for your successor”
    “It ain’t no sin to make a profit”
    “What your board needs to know”
    “Budgetting for success”
    And the list goes on: topics like newsletter, secretary tasks, indexing projects, web sites, programs, events etc.

    I’ll bet two things right now:
    1. If you are a genealogy speaker you could talk about one of these topics from experience.
    2. There is a genealogy society in your area that could benefit from your lecture

    What do you think?

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