Using Recorded Genealogy Lectures to Supplement Classes

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My friend Pat Ryan was telling me about a six lecture series she is doing at Regina Public Library. As I thought about similar courses I had taught I recalled how often I wished there was time to explore more aspects of these lassons. Here is one idea to supplement the regulr course classes.

My previous post supplies a partial answer. If my students could down load a supplemental lecture for $1.99 from lulu at and access a copy of that lecture handout, they could learn a bit more on select topics from great speakers.
How would you get that handout? Write to the speaker and ask for a copy and permission to print enough for the class- lets say, 17 students. Offer to pay for thev right to use, then build it into the class fee.


2 responses to “Using Recorded Genealogy Lectures to Supplement Classes

  1. Hi Ken,

    Excellent idea! I may use it.

    I just downloaded 6 papers from LuLu and will put them on a CD so I can listen to them in the car or at work. Or even listen to them at home. I still want the syllabus though.

    I think I prefer the combined audio-visual effort that was offered a month or so ago – you heard the talk while watching the slide. Kind of a Webex deal. But you couldn’t download anything.

    Cheers — Randy

  2. I did download about 4 lectures–however, most were taped presentations and listening without ‘seeing’ the slides wasn’t too good. I did contact one of the speakers to ask for slides, but he decided they were work product and not for distribution which I understand.

    LuLu is a great idea, but not ready for prime time.

    PS, I like to use multi-media in my genealogy classes. I bought a short bob sloan piece about the importance of family from NPR & use it. I also have a History Channel tape about the family tree and play the William Baldwin section so my class can follow a research project.

    BYU has short (most less than 2 minutes) video clips online from the Ancestors PBS series. I play an 8 minute one about the Research cycle.

    I have a series of 4 tapes that are very old, but I don’t use them ’cause things have changed so much.

    I did purchase a tape about color coding records organization, but the presentation is only fair-to-middlin’ and it seems excessively stretched to make the tape last longer.

    I have only 4 2 hours sessions and I try to present information in different ways to keep everyone awake!

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