Apprentice Adventures 3


What can we learn from the questions Barb the apprentice created from her first reading assignment? I am not interested in the answers to her questions, but rather the power and value of the questions themselves. Let’s look at some of them.

  • What information would you find on an English birth registration? This is a fairly straight forward factual question. It could be changed to a multiple choice question, or even a multiple choice error recognition question. Can you create one?
  • Why is it important to know geographic locations of your answers? This is an open -ended question that may need a sentence or two to explain. it is similar in effect as
  • What type of errors might you find on civil registration certificates? However, both can be re-written as multiple choice questions. Can you create one.

What I hoped to see from the apprentice were a few more questions like

  • If you have the birth registration of a child, how would you go about finding the marriage registration of the parents?

Here the learner must review a process. The Evaluator can spot learners needs from this, and yet its flexible enough to encourage creativity. Can you write a similar question?


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