Photo Analysis #2:


Unlike photos of fashionably dressed young ladies, photos of workmen are a pain to date for two reasons at least. First, men seldom dress in latest fashions to go to work, and second, men’s fashions are slow to change. The best dressed man here is wearing a tie, and is likely a foreman. But clues to the date of the photo will have to come from knowlege of the subjects, and corroboration from other photos and documents.l How can you teach that?


3 responses to “Photo Analysis #2:

  1. Those caps seem fairly distinctive, as does the wearing of the vest and the suspenders.

  2. There are several styles of caps and shirts. It has made me realise that most books I know on dating photographs are of women fashions. Are there any books that help to date mens fashions?

    Your comment about not dressing in the latest fashion also apply to women.
    I haven’t studied it too closely to find out. Are the men of a similar age are they wearing the same style of clothes?

  3. Only and Jan et al
    Sometimes there are clues in other places. things like “Uncle Albert and his crew building the Pannkoek Block”. But often not. Those hats and caps were worn from at least 1920 to early 1950s by immigrant workmen. Another photo in the group shows men around a steam powered cement mixer. Sometimes equipment can be dated. Those old mail order catalogs are a boon to photo identification.

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