Video Clips in Your Blog


My good friends Peter Walton and Chris Lafontaine have been encouraging me to try some new educational technology. I, however am learning to use two fingers to type. They have both told me i could imbed very short video clips in my blog. Recently the good folks at wordpress have simplified the insertion part. But now along comes Wendy bublbling over with entusiasm about video blogging.

“It’s so simple to do,it’s almost unbelievable” she burbled in print. “With just a $40 webcam on my laptop, and using Instant Video Generator‘s one-click software, I can make an unlimited number of video clips

Now, I too have a web cam, a gift from retired wrestler Adam Firestorm, my son in law. and it works, as you can see from the still shot atop this post. So I am interested. It seems that by using the web cam and Instant Video Generator one can create nifty film clips which can be emailed, or turned into HTML code in less than a moment. these clips can then be pasted into a blog or Web site. And since they’re all hosted on Instant Video Generator’s server, they arenot taking uphard drive space on my computer. For those who want it, there’s even a nifty teleprompter feature.

Think about this for a minute. you can use this to give instructions for learning activities, lessons etc, then follow the clip with visual material to show what you are talking about. Think of your lecture on-line as part audio, part video, part textual woven together.

What do you think?


One response to “Video Clips in Your Blog

  1. I’ve been teaching ESL classes lately, and I’ve found that with a little effort I can generally find a short Youtube video to illustrate the vocabulary I’m introducing that week, and to get conversations going. Using audio and video for your lectures is a good idea. You could also use them as teasers for your presentations.

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