Apprentice Adventures 4


Met with apprentice yesterday. Wore myself out. So much energy needing focus. I am starting to wean her off Ancestry depenency. The concept of a reasonably exhaustive search is a real challenge for her. Reading assignments included Christine Roses’ book, Genealogical Proof Standard, Building a Solid Case, the great Helen Leary’s chapter on problem analysis and reserch planning in Professional Genealogy, as well as the chapter on parish registers,with precis and 15 tough questions.

I get her to write the questions, so she’ll think out the answers. Subtle. I’ll use the questions for another time.


One response to “Apprentice Adventures 4

  1. Ken,

    Very interesting so far – it sounds like you have found a gem.

    Does she know you are writing this blog about her?

    Cheers — Randy

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