Resources for the Business-oriented Professional Genealogist

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A recent e-mail from Lauren Richardson contained the following list of on-line resources to help aspiring professional genealogists, educators and researchers establish their business on a business like basis. I think you’ll find these resources useful. I know you can recommend more such respurcess.

Lauren writes, “I especially like the one that gives average salary comparisons. Look up private investigator, technical writer, paralegal, independent consultant, and corporate trainer among others.”

¨ CCH Business Owner’s Toolkit has information on every aspect of business.

¨ Small Business Administration’s training outline for Creating a Marketing Plan

¨ Main portal for the Small Business Administration

¨ Portal for the IRS site for small business

¨ Washington’s Small Business Development Centers

¨ Another good portal for small business

¨ Also a good portal for small business issues

¨ Source for general salary surveys for many occupations and professions

¨ Alaska Small Business Development Center’s Small Business Start-up Links

¨ Excellent discussion on types of business insurance you might need

¨ Reasonable web hosting with good technical support and an easy to use site builder

¨ Good place to have a starter web page. They offer 90-day free listing and very reasonable rates thereafter.

So check them out and tell me what you think

Thanks Lauren!



One response to “Resources for the Business-oriented Professional Genealogist

  1. For guidence in pricing products and services, see Bradley University, Turner Center at

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