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Family Lore from Heritage Books, Mug Books and Local Histories


Genealogy teachers and lecturers often tell people about the marvellous discoveries awaiting in heritage books, mug books and local /county history books. They less often teach how to use those effectively. In an excellant article by Connie Lenzen, “Heriage Books and Family Lore: The Jackson Test in Missouri and Idaho” she teaches some key points I’d like to emphasize.

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Using Recorded Genealogy Lectures to Supplement Classes

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My friend Pat Ryan was telling me about a six lecture series she is doing at Regina Public Library. As I thought about similar courses I had taught I recalled how often I wished there was time to explore more aspects of these lassons. Here is one idea to supplement the regulr course classes.

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Recordings of Lectures at FGS Boston

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Sharon Sergeant, the innovative genealogy educator at
sent along the following message recently concerning recorded lectures at FGS Boston. These lecure recordings, when combined with the syllabus material make a very practical package for self directed learners. interested? Read on.

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Photo Analysis problem #1: When was this photo taken?




Years ago, in a distant library, I regularly ran a photo identification workshop. Photos like this group shot of English women would show up with the question, “When was this photo taken? The woman third from the left on the front row looks like my great great Aunt Lizzie or Aunt Edna. Can you help?”




Is Genealogy Education your Bag? An organization idea

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The other day I heard a busy speaker talking about the classes and workshops she presents –often twice a week. She told me, “I present several unrelated topics and am always clipping articles, stacking books that pertain, etc.” Many genealogy teachers can relate to that. She continued< “When it’s time for the class, I would gather it all up, and then put it away again until next time around. So now I use great and inexpensive large tote bags. I have seen sturdy canvas tote bags offered by LandsEnd and from Harbor Freight their “Canvas Boat Bag” is another option. Of course you can recycle totes from nationa; conferences. Look for ones that are large and strong and have strong straps. My speaker friend concluded, “I keep everything for a particular class permanently in its own tote bag and can toss in things as I think of them.” Then she simply picks up the RIGHT bag and goes, with everything needed in the bag.

I’ll bet she even hangs them on pegs when not in use! What do you think?

“Becoming an Excellant Genealogist” Conference


Received a message from my friend Loretta Evans that I thought deserved more notice. Here’s what she wrote:

“I want everyone to know about the upcoming professionals’ conference,
sponsored by ICAPGen and the BYU Center for Family History and Genealogy.” Here are the details:

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The Genealogy Educator as Amazon Associate

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An acquaintance recenly informed me she had become an Amazon Associate. “Now not only can I sell my self-published book from my Web site” she wrote, ” but I also have topic-specific offerings from Amazon”. The setup process was really easy according to her. She now has their graphics and links embedded on her web site.” And, I’ll get a small commission from anyone who buys from Amazon from my site”, she asserted hopefully.

What do you think? Is it worth it?

Do You Need a Virtual Advisory Board?

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Often in the business of genealogy education we need to consult with people to improve our performance, our offerings and our services. some people recommend forming a collegial mastermind group of peers doing similar work to exchange ideas and motivate. While collegial mastermind groups can have a tremendous impact on our genealogy education business, we might also consider forming a Virtual Advisory Board (VAB) with clients from our target market. Here’s how it might work:

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Major Genealogy Conference in Ogden, UT – Oct. 6-7


A recent note from Holly Hansen describes an up coming event in Ogden, Utah. Here’s what she wrote:

On Oct. 6-7, the Northern Utah Family History Conference will take place in Ogden, Utah at the Eccles Conference Center – offering exciting presenters and exhibitors from all over the United States. Here are a few of the highlights:

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An Apprenticeship or an Internship?


I was asked what the difference is between an apprenticeship and an internship. Its a great question. Here’s how i see it. An apprentice enters the relationship with little or no

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