Apprentice Adventures 5:


Events of this past week have dramatically shown me  the need to shift what my apprentice does up a pace. The challenge is to get her into a more productive pattern that provides mutual benefit. tomorrow we meet again and here’s what we’ll do.

First we’ll review reading assignments, and she has a few of those each week. some in english genealogy, some in methods.  The weekly chapter precis, and fifteen questions are good for her, especially to fill in gaps in using basic records.

Second we’ll look at progress on the research assignment.  We need to review her research notes and logs. Notes and logs are critical for professional quality work. She’s read a couple of articles, and a review of Clooz which she may buy. But I will review my own method.

She read the chapter by Helen Leary in Pro Gen on problem analysis and research planning. So we shall start on her own current research problems and develop a plan for research.

I will introduce some marerial on research female ancestry and assign the fist of a series of articles on this topic.

So thats the plan.


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