Are You Thinking Big Enough?

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The other day I received a message from my friends at SpeakerNetNews asking this all important question. its a good one to ask. You would be surprised at the number of talented genealogy speakers and teachers out there who think too small and aim too low. the same goes for most professional genealogists– too small thoughts; too low aspirations, in my humble opinion. Those sort of thoughts and aspirations are best left to the mediocre speakers, teachers and and researchers. You, gentle reader are better than that.

Here’s what the message said:

October 4
Are You Thinking Big Enough?
How to Have Your Own TV Show, Write
Bestselling Books, and Sell Truckloads of Products with Chris Widener
Suppose you wanted to quintuple your business. Make five times as much in 2007 as you will in 2006, but not work five times as hard or five times as many hours.


What’s the first thing you would do?


Well, near the top of that list should probably be: work on your thinking. You see, to have a five-times-bigger business, you not only have to do things differently than you do now, but you really have to think differently than you do now.


On October 4, Chris Widener is going to challenge your thinking. Are you thinking big enough to dramatically increase your business?

More details below. or order the CD or MP3


\n\n\n\nFeedback from our last teleseminar:
\n”Kasi Maut [in the SNN teleseminar on working with] was great. Obviously she knows her stuff, but more important was very articulate to break the information down into bite-sized chunks for us amateurs. Thanks for bringing us these very informative teleseminars.” –Elaina Zuker
\nMore details about this program.\n\n



\nMiscellaneous Tips\n

\n\nBackground video music — \nTom Terrific

\n\nIf you\’re looking for background music for your video, consider For just $7 you can download single songs. You can\’t beat the price. The selection is a bit sparse, but you may find something you like.


\n\nSelling to associations — \nEd Rigsbee\n\nTry a two-step soft-sell approach in going after association business. Build your business by going after trade associations\’ soft underbelly. Rather than call the meeting planner, call the editor and give them your articles at no charge. Then, over time, leverage that relationship to build a bridge to the meeting planner. It has worked for me for the last 15 years.”,1] ); //–>Register or order the CD or MP3


From a recent discussion on the Association of Professional Genealogists list I learned that far too many professional genealogists undervalue their skills, competence and performance. There’s someone out there doing research for a penny a minute.Lots doing $10 or $15 per hour work. There are speakers doing lectures for $25 or less, and pouring their hearts and minds into it. If you are a program planner reading this, let me assure you there are speakers out there worth $25 an hour– you don’t want them. Even Joyce the Scrapbook Lady is better than them. Every speaker, teacher and genealogy research professional is worth their labor. I have come to realize that speakers earning less than $150 per hour cannot afford to provide quality learning experiences. And I believe they should make more. Thinking big means I must develop supplemental products and services to enhance the clients learning. Back of the room sales of books, booklets, audio recordings, etc. Are a start. Followup one-on-one consultations are another. Product and service sales on the net another way. We do not need to work five times harder to make five times more money. We need to work five times smarter. Big ideas, big dreams, big goals motivate us to come up with smart solutions. Creativity is simply thinking in new categories.

I get nothing from you signing up for any of those SpeakerNetNews audio lectures. But with an open mind you can draw inspiration from a lecture like this one. Even if all you do is get an idea for your own lecture on MP3.


What do you think?


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