Institute for Genealogical and Historical Research


Elissa Powell, one of my favorite Pennsylvania genealogists, e-mailed to announce that registrationa are now open for Samford University’s Institue for Genealogical and Historical Research next June Here are the courses offered this time.

Course Offerings — June 10-15, 2007

  1. Techniques and Technology
  2. Intermediate Genealogy and Historical Studies
  3. Research in the South, Part 2, Trans-Appalachian
  4. Advanced Methodology and Evidence Analysis
  5. Advanced Library Research: Law Libraries & Government Documents
  6. Professional Genealogy
  7. Virginia: Her Records and Her Laws
  8. Land Records: Maps and Related Records
  9. Advanced Military Research II: French and Indian War – Revolutionary War – War of 1812
  10. English Genealogical Research: Online, On Location, On Target
  11. Genealogy Software and Electronic Archives

Though I’ve always wanted to go, my health challenges may prevent it this year. but you need to go. Great instructors. Wonderful new friends. You’ll love it.

Check it out


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