Reasons to Blog about Your Lectures and Workshops:1


Pictures show you doing what you do. So take along your digital camera and arrange for photos of you in action: helping a learner, leading a discussion or in full voice in front of the class holding up the rubber chicken or some other more relevant prop. Always include pictures. This provides social proof that you are a real educator, effective and “out there.” Before I go out to my next lecture, I’ll get that digital camera and have my apprentice take photos. Anyone can claim to be a speaker, but with pictures of you in front of audiences, it reinforces what you do. There’s no doubt.

What do you think?


One response to “Reasons to Blog about Your Lectures and Workshops:1

  1. Ken,

    I have been blogging about the programs I give (well, just one recently – Saturday, in fact) and about the ones I attend.

    At a minimum, it is content fodder for the blog, and the blogging god Murgatroyd knows we need decent content.

    I’ve been rereading your blog posts about speakers, program setups and the like, and have tried to put the principles into practice.

    Cheers — Randy

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