Reasons to Blog about Your Lectures and Workshops:5


Ken looks right.jpg

Increase traffic on your site. If someone named Dave made a hilarious comment in your speech, quote him in your write-up of the event . If possible, put a link to his site in the post. Then email him. Dave will take ownership of your blog post and send it to hhis friends, thus increasing traffic. Also, put your client’s name in the title for Google optimization, e.g., “Dave Obee Speaks at Calgary Vernon and Kamloops.”

what do you think, Dave? Would this work?



2 responses to “Reasons to Blog about Your Lectures and Workshops:5

  1. Dunno, Ken. It just might work!

  2. This is off-topic, but I love the way you stuck that old photo of the workmen at the top of your blog. It’s a great photo, and it makes me happy to see it every time I come to the blog.

    To be a little more on topic, sure, why not? I recently showed some blogs I’m fond of to a colleague, and he exclaimed, “It’s like a whole other world, isn’t it?” referring to the world of blogs. The more ways you can find to spread word about this “other world” the better.

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