The Door Prize Gambit for Identifying Potential Clients


I offer a door prize at my presentations. Someone once asked if it was a real door. I wish I’d thought of that. I recently disposed of and old set of shower doors. No, a door prize is a prize for which anyone enterying the door at and event was eligible. Its not a raffle. Its a givee-away to wake up the people , add a little excitement and add value to the learning experience.

At my last lecture I had everyone fill in a slip with name and email. We drew the winner, and she was rewarded with a gift certificate for an oline course from the National Institute for Genealogical Studies woth about$85. Wow, was she delighted!
The other slips had info as precious as the prize winners name– potential clients.
The next day I entered them in my database and sent them a message asking if they had any follow up questions or comments. I answer all responses, and 6 weeks later share something interesting with them so they remember me.

There are an important qustion to add to your slip for the draw: you need to gain permission to add them to your mailing list. I use a check off option, “please ad me to your mailing list to keep me posted on upcoming genealogy education opportunities.”

If you do not have a gift certificate, create one. Your gift certificate could be for a 30 minute consultation.

Every person potentially is a winner, and if you field questions in your followup– everyone who has one gains as you respond. You build friends. Friends remember you and hire you next time.

What do you think Will they remember me when they need a professional genealogist?


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