Seven Deadly E-zine Killers


Tommy Yan, a dynamic Asian-American motivational speaker has some interesting ideas on e-newletters to elevate them to a higher standard and motivate your potential and present clients for your genealogy speaking venture. Too many of those e-newletters or E-zines are 100% information free. Here’s Tommy’s seven deadly sins for e-zines

  1. Itsy Bitsy Content. No meat. No spuds. Nothing to sink your teeth in.
  2. Annoying advertisements. Tommy says if you need ads, group them together, do not interrupt the content.
  3. Sounding like a smartass. Studiously avoid pomposity and arrogance. Be humble. give credit to others.
  4. Rampant reminders. Do not overwork the frequency of the newsletter. Eight to twelve times a year, consistantly is good as I see it. Likewise be cautious about including too frequent reminders of your upcoming events.
  5. Stagnant subject lines. Subject lines need to entice. Seperate yourself from spam like subjects, and subjects like “Genealogy-Education Issue #412”
  6. Dead links. I hate it when my own fail. you must feel the same.
  7. Consistantly Inconsistent. There is a comfort in pattern, and a value in consistant strong issues.

I could benefit from this advice. But what do you think? Check out Tommy Yan.


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