Prime the Pump

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Here’s a piece of advice for genealogy speakers that may surpise you. When you find a column, article, or blog in an area similar to your expertise, you should write to the author and compliment them. one speaker reports that she begun doing this in earnest and was astounded at the results. The key, apparently, is to sincerely compliment them on something they’ve said, and offer to be a resource for them. However, you need to remain humble. Don’t promote yourself, your book, Web site or blog.

Using this approach I’ve developed a good rapport with several leading genealogy seakers across the continent. Another speaker tells me that using this technique a syndicated columnist in her topic area has become a frequent e-mail pen pal.

If you featured a virtual interview with this person on your blog, as well as added a link to his column on your links list it shows you you are interested in him. It seems natural that if folks are treated nice, they like you. Another speaker trying this reported, ” After being in contact for only three weeks, he (the speaker /writer she contacted and interviewed, featured my blog in his column and my readership grew nearly 300%.” Interesting.

I’ll bet other bloggers writing on your genealogy topic would offer to link to your site once you share a relevant comment on their blog and a link on you blogroll. So I am going to try this out.
So, why don’t you connect with one genealogy speaker, columnist, journalist or blogger this week?


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