A Media Release Without Usual Media


When I was a young man about town, in my rock and roll days, promoting rock concert the success of press releases I’d written was determined by how many journalists deemed the releases worthy of their time and attention. And though I knew thed editors of both newspaers, and radio station managers and djs, they often had no time for my media releases
Today, the smartest genealogy speakers are writing direct-to-consumer press releases and posting them online. Buyers who find them through the search engines can click on links within the releases and go directly to your Web site and book you for a speaking engagement, or buy your book, or sign up for your teleseminar. And of course these media releases can go out to everone on your contact list as a special issue of your newsletter.
The other day I discovered 6 tips for writing direct-to-consumer press releases:

  • Stop thinking you must write a press release only when you have “legitimate” news. You can write a release about almost anything.
  • You no longer have to abide by the stringent “who, what, when, where and why” formula. Instead, you can write a release that tells a story.
  • Place within the release no more than about four or five links that lead readers to your Web site.
  • In the release, tell readers what you want them to do: sign up for a free e-course, or download a free sample chapter of your book, or look at a short video clip of you speaking.
  • Optimize the press release for the search engines for no more than three keywords or keyword phrases. Place keywords at the front of the headline, sub-heads, in the first two paragraphs and throughout the copy. Aim for a keyword-density ratio of 2 to 8 percent. Isn’t that an interesting insight!
  • Use a good press release distribution service that will push your press release into the Google and Yahoo news feeds. I have no clue how to find such a service.

What do you think?


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