More News from the Third Floor

Word from my mother is that Ken is busy cracking jokes with the nurses and doctors and kidding around with the other patients in his room.  Sounds about right.  The addition of his motorized wheelchair lets him take his show to other rooms.

He says he is thankful for all the good care the doctors and nurcses have provided.  He’s currently in the Penticton Regional Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit right now, but as soon as the doctors think his condition has stabilized, he will be moving into a long term care home which better designed for wheelchair accessibility.

Be prepared to see him online again soon.  The doctors have approved his request and he should be able to be online as soon as next week.  So expect to see more posts from him and more email.   We’re exploring various options to make his efforts easier — voice-to-text software might be one option.  Given he’s always been a 3 finger typist, you might not notice too much difference in speed!  He looks forward to working on his current book project and will provide his own updates in the future.

My father (and the rest of the family) appreciate all the emails and comments you have sent.  Thank you for all your support and prayers.

The Hermit Poet


3 responses to “More News from the Third Floor

  1. I am so glad to hear this positive news. Please tell Ken he has been much in our thoughts as we slog thru this miserable Seattle November.

  2. Brenda Dougall Merriman

    Great news about the new vehicle and a return to the blog. We want to hear how many new assistants Ken recruited in the hospital. You just can’t keep a good punster down for long!

    All your friends at the Institute are cheering for you, Ken.

  3. Thank you, Hermit Poet, for bringing us more news about Ken’s condition, treatment, and activities. It sounds like he has them rolling in the aisles. Good on him – a positive outlook and a sunny disposition sure help in times like these.

    Please tell Ken that this fellow genea-blogger is praying for a recovery so that he can provide his wisdom and humor to many more genealogy disciples as soon as possible.

    Cheers — Randy

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