Teaching Genealogy in Bed

  picture-009.jpg  As many of you know, my health keeps me anchored to a hospital bed. About 7:45 this morning, after the vampire has left with my blood samples, a pleasant lady shows up and introduces herself as the Director of Nursing.  She checks my ID bracelet and says, “Mr. Aitken, I understand you are well-known genealogist.  I have just started this fall in doing genealogy…”

So begins a new teaching adventure with people and places that can help me and I wonder if I can replace my ugly male nurses with more of my beautiful female nurses.

We discuss her present software needs and how to use 3 new websites.  Next time we’ll talk about online genealogy instruction.

So this continues….


4 responses to “Teaching Genealogy in Bed

  1. She’s fortunate to be learning from a pro, Ken. Lucky her.

  2. Ken,
    Wonderful news! Keep that mind busy! I miss your input! You always give us food for thought!

  3. Ken, I don’t want to appear overly suspicious here, but do you think they may be keeping you tied to the bed just so they can get free genealogy advice? In any case their queries will be good for both you and them.
    I once read that Winston Churchill did most of his day’s work before he got out of bed, so you may be onto something good there.
    Keep the spirits up, my friend, we miss your quick wit and good genealogical thoughts. I know this isn’t over yet.

  4. ditto-how lucky she is to start out with such a great teacher!

    Many wishes of the season..I hope you stabilize soon.

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