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Risk and Hope: The Program Planner’s Headache

Inspiration from an old barn.
On the highway north from home enroute to a speaking engagement I passed a farm so close to the road I could read easily the farm name on the barn: Risk and Hope. I smiled, because it sums up farming on the northern great plains so concisely. Later that night, homeward bound from a rather unhappy event where numbers failed to meet the program planner’s dreams, I passed the farm again and pondered anew the message in the name for people like that program planner, How do we reduce Risk and increase Hope for the program planner?

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Teaching Standards for Instructors

ken_threequarter_sm.jpg One of my favorite genealogy instructors was Dr. Thomas Warren who taught an extra-sessional course at the University of British Columbia called “Library Research for Genealogists and Family Historians” or something like that. Tom was a great teacher. Here’s why: Continue reading

On-line Program Registration

Wouldn’t it be nice if your local or state genealogical society could handle registration for its major events on-line just like major genealogy conferences? The technology is out there. We just need a host. Here’s how it works.

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Can’t Afford the Speaker Fee?

Ken looks right.jpg

Here’s a common problem for genealogical societies. They want a popular speaker for an event, but cannot afford the expensive fee. What can you offer the speaker to reduce the fee?

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