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The Probability Test: An Often Forgotten Step in Genealogy

Every week I consult with genealogy students from across the continent. At least monthly I discuss a scholarly article in genealogy with a small group of students in a chat room. Over the past three years it has become clear … Continue reading

Apprentice Adventures #7

My apprentice was over on Thursday and we discussed her assignments. First we discussed her reading of Christine Rose’s book, Genealogical Proof Standard, Building a Solid Case (CR Publications, 2005). This was excellant preparation for the other reading, Connie Lenzen’s … Continue reading

Family Lore from Heritage Books, Mug Books and Local Histories

Genealogy teachers and lecturers often tell people about the marvellous discoveries awaiting in heritage books, mug books and local /county history books. They less often teach how to use those effectively. In an excellant article by Connie Lenzen, “Heriage Books … Continue reading