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Reasons to Blog about Your Lectures and Workshops:5


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Increase traffic on your site. If someone named Dave made a hilarious comment in your speech, quote him in your write-up of the event . If possible, put a link to his site in the post. Then email him. Dave will take ownership of your blog post and send it to hhis friends, thus increasing traffic. Also, put your client’s name in the title for Google optimization, e.g., “Dave Obee Speaks at Calgary Vernon and Kamloops.”

what do you think, Dave? Would this work?


Reasons to Blog about Your Lectures and Workshops:4


Use the blog as a journal lof your business liofe as a speaker. Chronicle your travels, seminars, workshops consultations , adventures etc.  Be sure to include lots of names of clients and key contacts. Remember to link posts to client sites.  Weeks, months, even years after speaking engagements, you will be able to look back at past successes.Well, almost like a journal. Don’t confess undieing love for some genealogy hero. Be discrete but have fun. It is fun.

Reasons to Blog about Your Lectures and Workshops:3

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Another good reason to blog about your lectures is that people see what they missed. I recently learned from one expert the importance of making your blog post about the event almost like a review of a concert that came to town. Discuss highlights, funny moments, even screw-ups and interruptions. Make readers say, “Wow, that sounded awesome!” “I should go next time.” Or, “I should book that guy for our meeting!”

Reasons to Blog about Your Lectures and Workshops:2

man-teaching.jpg Elicit testimonials. If possible, email the link to your speech post to everyone in your audience. you should be obtaining those email addresses at registration. If your workshop participants are blog-savvy, they’ll leave comments with glowing testimonials about how great you were. You can edit out the sour ones– I do. Other readers of your blog will see those positive comments and want to be a part of your workshops.

Reasons to Blog about Your Lectures and Workshops:1


Pictures show you doing what you do. So take along your digital camera and arrange for photos of you in action: helping a learner, leading a discussion or in full voice in front of the class holding up the rubber chicken or some other more relevant prop. Always include pictures. This provides social proof that you are a real educator, effective and “out there.” Before I go out to my next lecture, I’ll get that digital camera and have my apprentice take photos. Anyone can claim to be a speaker, but with pictures of you in front of audiences, it reinforces what you do. There’s no doubt.

What do you think?

Background Music for Your Website


In my surfing adventures I have found some sites with very disappointing soundtracks. If you want to use sound on your website, consider something legal. There may be others sites to find music on you can use under licence , but check out

Pick something thats your kids won’t describe as cheezy, or sounds too much like elevator music.