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Build You Client Base With an E-newsletter

Ken profile.jpg  In the last year or so I have been thinking about doing a free newsletter to serve certain potential clients. E-newsletters or E-zines can be a very simple way to add value to my services and keep my name and services before the public. Many professional seminar speakers have them, as do genealogy service outfits. Continue reading


Power-Point Tip for Genealogy Speakers


If you are using power-Point 2003, during your slide show, its possible to view the current slide plus the ones coming up next (or before). If your bullets are set to appear with the next click, you’ll see the upcoming bullet. If you’ve added any speaker notes, you’ll see them as well. however your audience will only see the current slide. Here’s how to set this up. Click the Slide Show menu, Set Up Show. In the Multiple monitors section, tick the box next to Show Presenter View. Now launch your show to see the results when you use two monitors or when you’re connected to your projector.

The Door Prize Gambit for Identifying Potential Clients


I offer a door prize at my presentations. Someone once asked if it was a real door. I wish I’d thought of that. I recently disposed of and old set of shower doors. No, a door prize is a prize for which anyone enterying the door at and event was eligible. Its not a raffle. Its a givee-away to wake up the people , add a little excitement and add value to the learning experience. Continue reading

More Reasons to Blog about Your Speaking Engagements

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Here are a few more reasons for you to write a glowing review of every lecture or workshop you deliver.

Content generation. By making notes about each speech and recording them on your blog, you are managing your content for future speeches and books. One speaker told me, “I can’t tell you how many times I referred back to old post-speech blog postings to help me with a current project.” I find that intriguing .

Attract new customers. When people read about how you helped a certain genealogy or historical organization, they’re going to say, “Hmmm…I wonder if he could do that for my group? Maybe I should give him a call…” And you’d better believe getting folks to call you about speaking is a whole lot better than making a cold call.

Customer service. By blogging about your speech, the venue, the client and the audience, you compliment your customer. think about that for a moment. Be sure to email your meeting planner contact and invite him/her to read the glowing post. And be sure to link to the host’s web site. It’s the best thank-you note in the world.

Credibility and celebrity. Blogging your lectures results in more credibility for you as a speaker, and enhanced celebrity status when you incorporate all these blogging ideas, especially if other blogs/Web sites link to your post.

So what do you think? I think I need more of these links back to my clients!



Are You Thinking Big Enough?

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The other day I received a message from my friends at SpeakerNetNews asking this all important question. its a good one to ask. You would be surprised at the number of talented genealogy speakers and teachers out there who think too small and aim too low. the same goes for most professional genealogists– too small thoughts; too low aspirations, in my humble opinion. Those sort of thoughts and aspirations are best left to the mediocre speakers, teachers and and researchers. You, gentle reader are better than that.

Here’s what the message said:

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Ryan Taylor: Gentleman, Scholar and Friend


Last Sunday my friend Ronald “Ryan’ Taylor left his Toronto hotel and was not seen by his friends agani. It is believed that the body pulled from the Niagara river on the US side is Ryan. I learned the news on monday, tuesday and wednesday from Ryan’s friends across the continent. I was devasted again each day. Ryan was my friend. Continue reading

Video Clips in Your Blog


My good friends Peter Walton and Chris Lafontaine have been encouraging me to try some new educational technology. I, however am learning to use two fingers to type. They have both told me i could imbed very short video clips in my blog. Recently the good folks at wordpress have simplified the insertion part. But now along comes Wendy bublbling over with entusiasm about video blogging.

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Tips for Program Planners from my Experiences


If you are involved in doing program and event planning for your local , regional or other genealogical society, you might benefit from the speaker’s experiences that follow. I invite you to read and take note.

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Teaching Genealogical Society Management Skills

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A month or so ago I was talking with a member of a local genealogical society in the west about a society management issue. She mentioned that at their annual leadership retreat ( an all day Saturday event) they analyzed the past and planned the future of the society. She mentioned having a speaker come in and talk about an issue like membership, programming, newletters, public relations, fund raising etc. I was impressed. During the day the worked as a group and as pairs or trios on various plans. Then at the annual meeting the published their plans etc. a great idea.

Now my friend Jana Broglin, VP of the Federation of Genealogical Societies is looking for speakers to help such groups. If you can speak to a society on some aspect of society management, Jana wants to here from you.

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Family Lore from Heritage Books, Mug Books and Local Histories


Genealogy teachers and lecturers often tell people about the marvellous discoveries awaiting in heritage books, mug books and local /county history books. They less often teach how to use those effectively. In an excellant article by Connie Lenzen, “Heriage Books and Family Lore: The Jackson Test in Missouri and Idaho” she teaches some key points I’d like to emphasize.

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