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Told You I was Talking to Myself

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Although we still average about 70-73 readers per day, we’ve had three comments in the last week from readers. I am beginnig to think that the 35,000 hits for this site are looking for the lyrics for, “I ain’t as good as i once was”, by Toby Keith, not from interested genealogists. Surely the 73 must have a respose to something I write. Even an emphatic “Hog Wash” would help.


Co-op Conferencing:



To an outsider like me, some things are mystifying. Take for example the lack of co-operation among the three genealogical societies in this valley I live in. Each one has an executive comprised of competent leaders. Each one has demonstrated the ability to host excellant small seminars and workshops,  but their memberships seem crippled when it comes to supporting each other, though they are between 45 and 90 miles apart.

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Involving Your Audience; Keeping Control


If you are still gaing confidence in teaching and lecturing,  asking for unscripted student participation seems like an easy way to spin out  of control.  There is an alternative way that can help some people feel more involved.

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Blogging:Talking to Oneself Aloud?

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Useless Information Department. The most widely read posting in the last 30 days was this gem.  But you will see only one comment. Almost 300 visitors and just one comment. I am talking to myself most days. I really am open to comments and critcisms and discussion.

Society Membership Decline and Program planning

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Regular Reader Randy Seaver had some interesting comments on this topics I think bear some careful scrutiny.

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You might think about Dick Eastmans comments on genealogy societies and conferences too. Look at

What do you think?

The Hermit Poet Makes a House Call.


We are fortunate to have The Hermit Poet (THP) home for the weekend to work on some details of a new website. My team of furniture assembly experts worked till 2:00AM the other night installing my office just to be ready. THP arrived Friday morning and went right to wrrking setting up the new computer (iots smart enough to walk AND chew gum at the same time. Yesterday afternoon and today THP has been doing his web design stuff. Premature to show you, but its way better than my crude efforts. You can look at one of his recent efforts at

Test Questions for a Genealogy Course: Assigning Values


Still unpacking. Today I found my computer glasses and a stack of cards with test questions for an English genealogy class. Here are ten questions for you to look at.

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Learning from the “Lists”

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Self-Directed Learning is an important part of being a serious genealogist. Many genealogists subscribe to on-line forums or lists and receive email messages daily, even hourly from others with similar interests. Often long threads are generated as the topic is explored from various angles. Just as often these threads carrying a common subject, wander off on tangents and ar so off topic as to be meaningless. Other times responses the thread carries too many “me too” messages. How does the self -directed learner make the most of these lists?

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Crash & Burn, Wobbly Table, and other Problems


Sorry for not being very prolific lately but my computer has aged and periodically dies unpredictably. My computer table limps on one short leg and three of the other kind, and i am having health problems. My get up and go, got up and went. But help is on the way.

  • The new computer awaits assembly and it can walk and chew gum!
  • A new computer desk awaits assembly- its steady and the correct keyboard height
  • That leaves my get up and go. Maybe this will return. Unfortunately there are complications so I’ve been cancelling fall lectures in Calgary and Kelowna and elsewhere. Work keeps coming in. So i am thinking of taking on an apprentice or intern. Interesting idea. Any ideas on how to make apprentice idea work?

The Best Teachers and Speakers Make You Feel Good!

Think about this peculiar fact for a minute: Your audience will forget your content, but not how you made them feel. Now take a minute and ponder on the balance of information content, expressions of affection and motivation in your lectures.

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