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Have You Read the Top Postings in September?

Resources for the Business-oriented Prof 84
Apprentice Adventures 3 83
Apprentice Adventures 77

Photo Analysis #2:


Unlike photos of fashionably dressed young ladies, photos of workmen are a pain to date for two reasons at least. First, men seldom dress in latest fashions to go to work, and second, men’s fashions are slow to change. The best dressed man here is wearing a tie, and is likely a foreman. But clues to the date of the photo will have to come from knowlege of the subjects, and corroboration from other photos and documents.l How can you teach that?

If You Blog It, Will They Come?


Here I was moaning about blog comments when Jane Atkinson who runs Speaker Launcher  sent along  a list of tips on effective blogging for speakers and lecturers. Check it out. Click here.

Jane has lots of nifty ideas, and offers a great service. Read her list of tips, then you tell me what I can do better.

Told You I was Talking to Myself

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Although we still average about 70-73 readers per day, we’ve had three comments in the last week from readers. I am beginnig to think that the 35,000 hits for this site are looking for the lyrics for, “I ain’t as good as i once was”, by Toby Keith, not from interested genealogists. Surely the 73 must have a respose to something I write. Even an emphatic “Hog Wash” would help.

Co-op Conferencing:



To an outsider like me, some things are mystifying. Take for example the lack of co-operation among the three genealogical societies in this valley I live in. Each one has an executive comprised of competent leaders. Each one has demonstrated the ability to host excellant small seminars and workshops,  but their memberships seem crippled when it comes to supporting each other, though they are between 45 and 90 miles apart.

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Involving Your Audience; Keeping Control


If you are still gaing confidence in teaching and lecturing,  asking for unscripted student participation seems like an easy way to spin out  of control.  There is an alternative way that can help some people feel more involved.

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Blogging:Talking to Oneself Aloud?

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Useless Information Department. The most widely read posting in the last 30 days was this gem.  But you will see only one comment. Almost 300 visitors and just one comment. I am talking to myself most days. I really am open to comments and critcisms and discussion.