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The Hermit Poet and Media Kits


My son, The Hermit Poet, is developing his media kit, an activity all professional genealogists, especially genealogy educators, need to be involved in. As I read over his comments I think  he’s got a few leads we can use in developing our own kits. Here’s what he says:

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Another Thing I Should Have Known.


I’ll bet you all knew that when you need to skip slides in your PowerPoint presentation (or to go back to a previous one) and you are near the keyboard, you don’t have to rapidly zip through them in full view of your audience. All you need to do, apparently is press the number of the slide you want to show,then press “enter.” Well I didn’t.

More Things I did not Know


The nice thing about ignorance is that there is so very much to learn! For example, I must be the last genealogy lecturer to learn that during a powerpoint presentation if you type “B” on your keyboard, the screen will go black. Have yet to learn how to get it to light up again!

Update on the Move

Moved in. Debris of our lives everywhere. Discovered internet problems. Pros working on solutions. Totally exhausted. Achin’ all over. Still unpacking.

More Irish Genealogy Classes On-Line

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Here’s another online class for Irish researchers from the National Institute for Genealogical Studies. The class, Irish Archival Respositories is a basic class part of an impressive Irish genealogy program they offer.  Here’s a description of the class:

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Chinese Canadian Genealogy Website


The Hermit Poet, my only son, is Chinese Canadian, so I  was delighted  when Janet Tomkins sent along this notice about a website for Chinese Canadian Genealogy. Here’s what she wrote.

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New On-line Class for French Genealogy

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A new on-line class iis starting 17 July that will have limited appeal for most, but is eagerly awaited by a lot of people just the same. “French: Understanding the Language” is the first of a new program in French genealogy offered by the National Institute for Genealogical Studies.  

Here is the description.

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Lecture and Workshop Topics for Professional Genealogists


Ever been asked to speak to a chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists? Now there’s a group you can present the challenging topics to. Here are some topics for lectures or workshops some speakers have done for the pros. Continue reading

Do You Need a Virtual Assistant?

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An email yesterday asked that question. I was curious, as i’d never heard of a virtual assistant before, just what it was. Turns out its a person, not a PDA! The International Association of Virtual Assistants is made up of hundreds of bright, capable folks, many working from home, who do contract and hourly work for clients. They usually have multiple skills. For example, one specialized in bookkeeping, and related tasks, another secretarial. Many do custom design work: letterhead, busines cards, web sites, brochures, newsletter templates etc. Some will manage your databases, updating and running reports. Some will create strategies to increase your web exposure. What do I need to help me run my genealogy speaking business? Continue reading

Poet and Genealogist Pack Books

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 I have joined the Hermit Poet in Riverside California to pack up his library in preparation for his move to Canada. He has more books than the old man! Incredible!