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Paul Milner and the Britain and Ireland Forum


I see in the news that The National Genealogical Society (NGS) has just announced that
Paul Milner is joining the NGS Britain and Ireland Forum as co-leader.
Paul joins Sheila Benedict, CG, in leading the Britain and Ireland
, an NGS members-only Forum established to assist members with
their research in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Channel Islands
and the Isle of Man. I like Paul. I like the way he teaches. And I like what he teaches. This is a good thing for the Forum.  Here’s a bit more about Paul.

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PowerPoint Provocations

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Recently on the Association of Professional Genealogists’ list my friend, Mary Douglas,the leading authority on Kansas ancestry,( and a fine educator, I might add) , posed an interesting issue. She explained that after a recent lecture she was asked for a copy of her powerpoint presentation. The learner already had the handout. Mary wondered how other lecturers would respond. Most of us who responded felt the speaker should not give awy the powerpoint. The basic reason seems to be that it represents many hours of work and the lecture needs to be sold more times to recover that investment.

Is there a context where it might be to your advantage to give free access to that powerpoint?

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TeleClasses for Busy Genealogy Entrepreneurs

Ken looks right.jpgI receive a weekly newsletter from Seminar Announcer, a free service that promotes seminars all over the continent. There are an amazing number of free and reasonably priced programs available that are aimed at business and marketing that would be useful to anyone hoping to get ahead on the business side of professional genealogy. I was particularly interested in the TeleClasses or Audio Conferences as they are sometimes called. I suspect they are a practical solution, though imperfect, to convey information to others and could be a model for the delivery of several aspects of genealogy education. Here are some upcoming events listed:

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