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Blogs in Marketing Your Gen Ed Business


I use WordPress for this blog. Many have asked how to learn more about it. There is a little video talking about why you should use for your blog. Take a look. You can see it here.


Alternate Teaching Models: Behavioral Models

picture-009.jpgBased on the work of Skinner, a large number of approaches to learning have been developed, each taking advantage of the learner’s ability to modify behavior in response to tasks and feedback. Essentially, stimulus and response. These models are used in a wide variety of applications, from teaching information to changing habits, decreasing phobias, and learning to control one’s own behavior. Continue reading

Models for Building Web-based Instruction


While researching “learning dyads” I found this interesting paper on approaches to on-line course design. Click here if you are curious enough to read an academic paper. What do you think?

Apprentice Adventures #6


Spent almost three hours with the apprentice on Wednesday. She’s really pumped up from her reading and studies. She’s been finishing an excellent course, “Researching in the Family history Center” developed by Dr. Penny Christensen for the National Institute for Genealogical Studies and has come back every day excited by new discoveries. And while this was great, she was excited to tell me about reading Helen F.M. Leary’s “Problem Analyses and Research Plans” chapter 14 in Elizabeth Shown Mills, Professional Genealogy: A manual for researchers, writers, editors, lecturers and librarians. (Genealogical Publishing, 2001) .  Let me tell you a bit about what she experienced.

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Would this meet Mark’s approval?

One of our regular readers suggests we look at

For an example. Here’s a test. Read Mark howells essay, check out this site, and tell me, what you think Mark would say?

On-line Instruction: The Need for Better Ideas

Mark Howells, back in 2002, wrote a very interesting article on designing on-line classes genealogists. His suggestion deserve a closer look. so check them out at

Background Music for Your Website


In my surfing adventures I have found some sites with very disappointing soundtracks. If you want to use sound on your website, consider something legal. There may be others sites to find music on you can use under licence , but check out

Pick something thats your kids won’t describe as cheezy, or sounds too much like elevator music.

Video Clips in Your Blog


My good friends Peter Walton and Chris Lafontaine have been encouraging me to try some new educational technology. I, however am learning to use two fingers to type. They have both told me i could imbed very short video clips in my blog. Recently the good folks at wordpress have simplified the insertion part. But now along comes Wendy bublbling over with entusiasm about video blogging.

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How to Blog your Next Genealogy Seminar or Conference


Precis writing, the process of reducing written or spoken information to a readable brief form is a skill taught in British schools. I used it teaching English language in Saudi Arabia. Its a good way to present succinctly thecore contents of a lecture. It lends itself nicely as an idea for bloggers at genealogy seminars and conference, AND its a great self-directed learning activity. Think about this idea then check out this link.

Will you be blogging your next seminar?

Transcribing and Abstracting Documents

Ken front1.jpg

One of my greaat pleasures in working for the National Institute for Genealogical Studies is the consultations i have with students. My students in Analysis and Skills Mentoring 2 and 3 struggle through transcription and abstracting assignments. Some I am sure will never tackle such tasks again, and neverrise to the great potential they have as genealogists of professional quality. These skills are critical for advanced research.

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