Speaking Leads to Research Clients


I recently heard about a speaker at a conference who handed out his business cards at all the audience. Not only was it a nice touch, it provided everyone his contact information — easier to store than his handout materials.

I’ve been doing this for years in my job as a local history and genealogy librarian. And it does indeed lead to more clients. In my case, people who heard me at a library program would come in to see me with their research questions
For most professional genealogists teaching and lecturing are not their principal source if income. The majority of their work comes from researching for clients. Handing out the card to the students is a great way for them to  attract new clients.  It does work. They hear your message, and they think, “Maybe he is the person whom I can get to help me solve my Beckstead reserch problem.”

As my main work is speaking, and teaching, not client research, I find myself passing on these clients to some of my hard working friends hungry for new clients. They seem to like it!
What has been your experience?


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