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Apprentice Adventures 4


Met with apprentice yesterday. Wore myself out. So much energy needing focus. I am starting to wean her off Ancestry depenency. The concept of a reasonably exhaustive search is a real challenge for her. Reading assignments included Christine Roses’ book, Genealogical Proof Standard, Building a Solid Case, the great Helen Leary’s chapter on problem analysis and reserch planning in Professional Genealogy, as well as the chapter on parish registers,with precis and 15 tough questions.

I get her to write the questions, so she’ll think out the answers. Subtle. I’ll use the questions for another time.

Resources for the Business-oriented Professional Genealogist

woman teaching.jpg
A recent e-mail from Lauren Richardson contained the following list of on-line resources to help aspiring professional genealogists, educators and researchers establish their business on a business like basis. I think you’ll find these resources useful. I know you can recommend more such respurcess.

Lauren writes, “I especially like the one that gives average salary comparisons. Look up private investigator, technical writer, paralegal, independent consultant, and corporate trainer among others.”

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Genealogy Classes as a Member Recruitment Tool


In my travels in the west I have encountered many inovative ideas in genealogy education. While speaking at a conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan I heard about a genealogy society with some creative thinkers and teachers. As a group they offered a beginnig genealogy class in the local night school program.

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Video Clips in Your Blog


My good friends Peter Walton and Chris Lafontaine have been encouraging me to try some new educational technology. I, however am learning to use two fingers to type. They have both told me i could imbed very short video clips in my blog. Recently the good folks at wordpress have simplified the insertion part. But now along comes Wendy bublbling over with entusiasm about video blogging.

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Photo Analysis #2:


Unlike photos of fashionably dressed young ladies, photos of workmen are a pain to date for two reasons at least. First, men seldom dress in latest fashions to go to work, and second, men’s fashions are slow to change. The best dressed man here is wearing a tie, and is likely a foreman. But clues to the date of the photo will have to come from knowlege of the subjects, and corroboration from other photos and documents.l How can you teach that?

Mentoring a local genealogy society librarian


As the old librarian lay on the floor gasping for breath he noted a lot of useless old books on the genealogy society librarian’s book-shelve ( see view from the floor, above)

Have you ever visited a genealogy society library and marvelled at the vast amount of junk they collect? Not so long ago I had that experience. The basic problem is a lack of professional training for the volunteer librarian and assistants. But there is hope.

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Apprentice Adventures 3


What can we learn from the questions Barb the apprentice created from her first reading assignment? I am not interested in the answers to her questions, but rather the power and value of the questions themselves. Let’s look at some of them.
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