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Who owns the rights to audiotaped or videotaped lectures?

One of the big issues among genealogy lecturers in recent years has been the poor relations between conference audio taper, Repeat Performances and the speakrs it has taped. In my role as VP of the Genealogical Speakers Guild I heeard from several speakers about their concerns during the negotiations, which seem to have failed in the end. So I was interested in this message from Tom Terrific, a motivations speaker on this topic. Tom wrote,

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Finding Future Clients with Your Audience

Adventures with Pass-along Cards
Many genealogy speakers take on lecture opportunities in order to attract new research clients. These clients being the main source of the seakers income. When they speak to a group of 30 or 50 people, they hope to attract a few new clients. Wouldn’t it be nice if those 30 or 50 could seek out new clients for you. There is a way!

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Post Card Promotion

When I was living in New Zealand in the late 1960’s I go to know a bachelor by the name of Dave Ellett who had an uncanny ability to get invitations to lunch and dinner. I worked with him for 10 weeks and learned his secret: “Thank you” notes. Dave would mail out over a dozen a week.

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