Finding Future Clients with Your Audience

Adventures with Pass-along Cards
Many genealogy speakers take on lecture opportunities in order to attract new research clients. These clients being the main source of the seakers income. When they speak to a group of 30 or 50 people, they hope to attract a few new clients. Wouldn’t it be nice if those 30 or 50 could seek out new clients for you. There is a way!

I recently was given a “pass-along” card by a friend as an invitation to participate in an upcoming event. I studied it carefully noting it was printed in color, was very attractive and promoted a special opportunity in a dignified manner– quite different from a flyer from the supermarket!

I was looking at it and wondering how I could use the idea. This is still in the thinking stages but the concept would be like this. If I came to your community and spoke to a group of 36 genealogists for an afternoon, I could collect their names, addresses and email addresses from the registrations. There are several opportunities to use this for follow up. But here is one using a pass-along card. I could for example send along a brief note, thanking them for their participation in the event and include 5 pass-along cards to share with friends. Each card contains an attractive offer for a discount for new research clients. If you can send 5 cards, you can send ten, but I like the idea of including between 5 and 9 cards — and I expect you could mail them for the cost of a regular postage stamp. Your note encourages them to pass the cards to their friends. THe message on the card instructs the receiver to include certain information from the card with their communication to you when they approach you to do research.
Lets restate this in another way.Write a personal note to the person you wish to reach with your message. Place the note in a 3-5/8″ x 6-1/2″ envelope.In addition to your note, include 5 to 9 pass-along cards –and mail it for all the regular letter rate.
I believe it’s important to realize that a pass-along card is not a business card. It is one or two attractive offers and a single means of contact. Whereas a business card is designed to be kept, a pass-along card is designed to be shared — given

The card has an interesting appeal — and that is what it does not tell you. A good pass along card follows the “less is more” philosophy. It should be designed to create interest via curiosity. It is this curiosity that creates the need for a follow-up response.
That response is limited to a single means of contact –preferably an email address. A pass-along card lends itself to permission marketing, ie it asks permission to directly contact the receiver to share your knowledge and skills.

I think I am going to give it a try.

What do you think.


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