Topics to Teach Genealogy Society Executives

woman teaching.jpg

There is a special group of people in every genealogy society that need help. they are hungry for practical ideas, and motivational learning. Its the executive; public minded volunteers that hold a society together. I think every genealogy speaker should have one or two presentations in their list of lectures and workshops that can be aimed at the executive group.. This year i am working on delevoping a lecture on effective newsletters. I've noticed some others offer such lectures. Here are a few examples
Drew Smith, has a lecture entitled, "Tips and Techniques for the Local society Website" which focusses on ideas to make yousociety's website more accessible, usable and helpful. There are many dreadful society websites out there so I know Drew's message is needed.

Patricia Walls Stamm  has an interesting lecture called, "Filling Your Society's Calendar with Moneymaking Activities" that I am sure would be welcome information for many groups. Patricia discusses examples of productive and profitable projects, and points out pitfalls in other projects.

"Creating Successful Education Programs" is a lecture given by Michael Leclerc. There is definitely a need for ideas on this topic in most groups I've visited.

Susan Kaufman, a librarian at Allen County public library,  has a lecture on maintaining the society book collection in the local public library.

And the list goes on. If you don't have a lecture, create one. If you have a lecture, create a second. Or expand your thinking a bit: what if you had a two hour leadership workshop you could take to every local genealogical society in your area that you could couple with two lectures for the general membership and makle a full day. Now you are talking service!


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