Semantic Spin: Just What the Doc Ordered?

Ken profile.jpg
I heard someone say the other day that here is a lot of bad PowerPoint presentations out there. Apparently many of these boring, uncreative slide shows, like some of mine, have put audiences to sleep. Others are poorly created: wrong sized fonts, trite templates, poor color choices etc. again a few of mine were like that before I came to my senses. The problem is so common, my informant suggested, that many people turn off when they hear the term PowerPoint. They
just don’t want to sit through another one.

But is the problem the tool or the way it’s used? While our presentation is new and improved,, the audience knows a PowerPoint show is coming and they may already be  in a bad mood.

The solution?    My informant suggests we change the description of our presentations: refer to your programs as “multimedia.”   Multimedia has a more positive ring to it he claims.   To me that sounds like the spin doctor’s approach. Remember when no one wants to be a trash collector?  We re-labelled  them ‘sanitation engineers” and issued blue bins for “recycling”.
The crux of the issue is this:  PowerPoint doesn’t bore audiences. Presenters with bad PowerPoint presentations
bore audiences. Improve your slides . And maybe call them “multimedia.” if youl like that spin.


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