Can’t Afford the Speaker Fee?

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Here’s a common problem for genealogical societies. They want a popular speaker for an event, but cannot afford the expensive fee. What can you offer the speaker to reduce the fee?

I had to chuckle when I heard about the speaker who accepted helf her fee in dollars and half in cosmetic products. But her hosts got the products at the wholesale price and traded it at the retail price. Can you imagine the fun bringing that home?

But what would a speaker accept in trade? I might accept a year’s membership, or a desired local publication. Some might accept an extra night in the hotel. Perhaps a speaker would be trade a vendor’s table with 2 volunteers for a reduced fee. I heard of a speaker who accepted 75% of his normal fee, plus one-time use of the membership mailing list instead of the full fee.

A genealogy lecturer long retired told me she would accept in trade patchwork quilts, and stamps. The quilts were a passion of her daughters and several grandchildren collected postage stamps.

Frankly, you could bribe me with a railroad trip on a steam engine.

There may just be room to negotiate! Ask.

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2 responses to “Can’t Afford the Speaker Fee?

  1. I think the key principle here is, “Everything is negotiable.”
    Well, almost everything. Remember Geo. Bernard Shaw’s barb, “We’ve already established what you are, ma’am. Now we’re just haggling over the price.”
    Even God Almighty negotiates. Just about everybody who is anybody in the Holy Bible argues with God, and generally with good results.

  2. moses minyerere

    My name is Moses Minyerere from Tanzania East Africa
    I real want to study werever around the world but i cant afford school fees. no one can pay for me because i dont have mother and father.please help me in this

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