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Back in my university days at University of British Columbia and Brigham Young University Hawaii, professors would often hand out lists of books under the title of Suggested Reading. The lists would include chapters in scholarly articles, chapters in books, whole books and theses and dissertations. Most of us recycled the papers by doodling on the back and front during the lecture. But the smart ones actually went to the library to read the books and articles! Sometimes I include a list of suggested readings at the end of a handout under the title of suggested readings. I am sure they are never consulted.

Are genealogists like those university students?

Do any actually check out the “suggested reading” and read up on the subjects? By the sounds of things on the APG-List and others I have watched, apparently only a few. Issues covered 6 years ago resurface frequently. Books suggested several years ago are repeatedly suggested again. And concepts professional genealogists including the lecturers and teachers should have learned from the books, are poorly understood. Are they all newbies? It seems to me there is a desperate need for some serious intermediate and advanced comprehensive training for genealogists.

Am I crazy? You tell me!


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  1. Hi all!


  2. I am a professional genealogist and list family history materials on my website for teaching children with links to obtain them if people so choose. I am not compensated for this. I have read all of them, own all with a couple exceptions and use them in classes. Some are now out of print, but worth mentioning and having if they can be found, all for the rising generations. I think suggested material lists are fine, but actually seeing them and their usefulness is much more effective. Phoenix, AZ

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