New On-line Class for French Genealogy

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A new on-line class iis starting 17 July that will have limited appeal for most, but is eagerly awaited by a lot of people just the same. “French: Understanding the Language” is the first of a new program in French genealogy offered by the National Institute for Genealogical Studies.  

Here is the description.

“It is not impossible to search for your French ancestors if you do not know how to read and speak the language fluently. Learning specific genealogy vocabulary and expressions and a few basic rules will help you get started. Searching your French ancestors will not be easy to do if you are unable to read the language. The use of a dictionary will help you get the main idea, but the grammar rules are not explained in the dictionary. As a genealogist searching for your French ancestors, you will need to search the vital documents, old letters, legal documents, and even internet sites that can help you in your search. This class will help you understand what you are reading while you are searching. To understand a language, you cannot study only the grammar rules. You will also learn about the history and evolution of the language in France and the pronunciation rules that will help you understand spelling changes and mistakes (which is useful when the word cannot be found in the dictionary). A word list prepared for a genealogist has also been provided to assist you in your research. It takes years to master a language; the purpose of this class is to help you understand and recognize some of the basic grammar rules that you will encounter in your research; you may need to refer to explanations several times before the language becomes more familiar to you. Keep your dictionary close because it is a useful tool to help you translate the words while the grammar rules help you understand what the words are telling you. In your genealogical search, clues will be easier to find; and the language barrier will no longer be a problem in your research.”

Interested? Call Louise at (800) 580-0165 and tell her Ken Sent you.


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