St. George Genealogy & Family Heritage Jamboree

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A few yeas ago at the Federation of Genealogical Societies’ Conference in Austin Texas I got to know a fireball genealogy entrepreneur in a barbecue joint. Holly Hansen is truly a dynamic and motivated business woman with a passion for genealogy. When folks were resurrecting Everton’s Genealogical Helper, Holly took on the editor’s job. Holly was doing well with her education and research tours to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, then turned her energiesfour years ago to creating a very economical genealogy trade fair in the winter resort of St. George, Utah. The following is an announcement from Hooly and her associates, the organizers of the St. George Genealogy & Family Heritage Jamboree:

St. George Genealogy & Family Heritage Jamboree
February 9-10, 2007
Dixie Convention Center
1835 Convention Center Drive, St. George, Utah

My Ancestors Found and the Washington County PAF Users Group would like to invite you to participate as a Speaker in our upcoming conference at the
Dixie Convention Center.

Speaker Registration Deadline is August 15, 2006.

Reasons to Join in the Jamboree!

  • 2007 is the third year for this major genealogical event in Southern Utah. Last year was a tremendous success, with attendance estimated at over 2500 by the Dixie Convention Center (pre-registered plus walk-ins and visitors to the Exhibit Hall).
  • The ticket price is very affordable and we expect to have between 2000 & 3000 people.
  • This is an outstanding opportunity to make yourself and your organization known to many new genealogy and heritage enthusiasts. Most attendees in 2006 were from Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and California, but we were also surprised at the number of attendees from all across the country. Many senior citizens with time, money and inclination to do their family history were in attendance. Their presence was not only very significant but also very exciting.
  • The Dixie Conference Center is a large, attractive facility with easy unloading and loading and ample free parking for everyone.
  • Many vendors were so impressed at the turnout and their results that they have signed up and paid for their booths for 2007 already! Booths are going fast and are sure to be a great success again in February.
  • The weather is great! In February, the temperature averages 54° and sunny. Bring your sweatshirt and come have fun in Southern Utah.

Speaker Information

a. Our emphasis for this event will focus on beginning research strategies. We are looking for some great topics in the following areas: (1) Basic Classes for Beginners; (2) General Research Skills & Organization; (3) Computers for Beginners; (4) Internet and Email for Beginners; (5) Organizational Software for Beginners [PAF, Legacy, RootsMagic, etc.]; (6) LDS Family History Center and Ward Consultant Skill Building; (7) Immigration, Emigration, Naturalization, & Migration; (8) Locality & Geographic Research [British Isles, Europe, Mexico, etc.]; (9) Personal & Family Histories and Family Reunions; (10) Religious Records [Baptist, Jewish, Latter Day Saint, etc.]; (11) Special Collections for Beginners [Archives, Libraries, Internet, etc.]; (12) Military.

b. Please submit up to eight titles; the maximum chosen will be four. The Speaker Committee will choose those best fit for our audience.

c. We will let you know which classes you have been selected to teach in September and will request a brief, one paragraph biography and other syllabus materials at that time.

d. A podium, microphone, small table, and overhead projector will be provided to those who need them.

e. No LCD projectors will be provided; please bring your own if you need one.

f. In order to keep attendance costs to a minimum, we will not be paying speakers. You will, however, receive a free two day registration to the Jamboree and a Jamboree syllabus on CD.

Speaker Agreement:

  1. Read the disclaimer below. Your submission to My Ancestors Found will constitute acceptance of this agreement.
  2. I would like to be a speaker at the St. George Genealogy & Family Heritage Jamboree held February 9-10, 2007. I will submit a brief, one paragraph biography and syllabus materials when requested. I will be responsible for setting up my own room displays/equipment according to the schedule provided and will abide with common courtesy to the other speakers and stay within the allotted time of my assigned speaking schedule. I will abide by all of the policies/regulations established by the Dixie Convention Center. Any problems I have will be directed to the Event Coordinator, Holly Hansen, or a designated representative. I am aware that a podium, microphone, small table and overhead projector will only be provided for those requesting them; however, no LCD projectors will be provided and I will need to bring my own if desired. I am aware that I will receive no financial compensation for speaking.
  3. If I am unable to attend the Jamboree, I will contact My Ancestors Found (801-829-3295) as soon as possible to give them ample time to make other arrangements.
  4. Send the following to by August 15, 2006:
  5. Up to eight class titles with a brief description and the level of expertise (beginner, experienced, or advanced). See samples below.
  6. Your name, company, address, and phone number.
  7. Tell us which of the following you want us to provide: Podium, Microphone, Small Table, Overhead Projector. Remember that you must bring your own LCD projector, cables and extension cords.

Sample Lecture Submissions:

a. Pedigree Charts and Other Great Forms

b. (Beginner) This class will focus on using various charts and forms to aid in the process of basic research. It will guide the student into a path leading to proper analysis of information as they move through the research process. Examples of different forms will be presented.

c. The Ethnic Experience:

d. (Experienced) This lecture will focus on US migration routes and settlement patterns. We will examine ethnic and religious migrations and identify the key record sources and maps needed to help you discover your ancestor’s movements in America and to accurately document their lives.

e. Beyond the Basics to Success:

f. (Experienced-Advanced) The focus of this class is on mastering US probate records. We will explore testate vs. intestate estates, types of wills, unrecorded wills, probate proceedings and the myriad related records including administrations, petitions, bonds, inventories, accounts, property divisions, publications, releases, guardianships and a vast number of miscellaneous records.

Don’t pass up this great opportunity. Sign up today!

Holly Hansen
President, My Ancestors Found
Event Coordinator

Contact Us
Mail: My Ancestors Found – PO Box 187 – Morgan, UT 84050
Phone: 801-829-3295 Email:
In my opinion the conept of this event is a stroke of genius. If you attend the large national genealogy conferences you’ll run into the sort of people who are so converted to the cause they pay big bucks to attend. But this is a big event aimed at beginners.  And offered at a very very cheap price. There is a lesson to learn here. I suspect in future Holly’s gem of an idea will be picked up elsewhere. If I was looking into replicating this, I’d look for a resort destination in the off season. or the end of the season. Maybe some place near you?

What do you think are the advantages of renting a vendors booth at St. George with 1800 to 3000 beginning-intermediate genealogists coming through? Why would you also lecture there for free? You think about it and share your comments.


One response to “St. George Genealogy & Family Heritage Jamboree

  1. Ken, thanks for letting people know about our St. George event. We also have events coming up in Cheyenne, Wyoming; Ogden, Utah; and we are working on some other venues.

    It is our goal to help genealogical organizations have some fun with family history and attract new members to their societies. We are finding that as we team up with vendors, speakers, and society volunteers we can develope a nice regional event that is economical in cost and professional in delivery.

    I look forward to some good discussion in over BBQ again in the near future.


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